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#ThrowbackThursday: P.K. Surfing P.O.P.

Posted on August 17 2017


Here's a couple vintage photos of P.K. surfing P.O.P. back in the day.

" That day at the T's was all time. Peaking out past the pier. One of the best sessions for me ever at p.o.p. everyone of us were so stoked on that day."

"That day at the T's. I remember seeing marco dropin into this left the lip of the wave was hitting the bottom of the pier and just peelin perfect. Got slotted . Rode it all the way. Clean. Phil Gillenswan dropping in backside on same sized wave as marcos. Doing a big backside bottom turn . Lookin like the shot of Sammy Hawk at pipe. Got me one . Rode that thing all the way to that little rock jetty that was there. Like I said one of the best days ever. Small group of friends exchanging some awesome over head waves. By ourselfs. Classic."- P.K.


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